• "The Brooklyn Bridge"

- Assorted bagels sliced, cream cheese - Vegetable platter Minimum 12 persons * Price per person
• "The Park Slope"

Wraps,Couscous, Potato Salad, Israeli Salad, etc. Minimum 20 persons * Price per person
• " The Works "

- "The Brooklyn Bridge" Gourmet Lox, Deli Salads: Tuna, Egg Salad, Baked Salmon, etc. Minimum 20 persons * price per person

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Mon. - Fri.   6am - 2pm

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 Now serving home made fresh lunches!!!!

Yeshiva University in New York
Dear Diana, I wanted to thank you personally for your AMAZING customer service and quality of catering. Our whole group was impressed by the food you supplied us both for the amazing breakfast two Sundays ago as well as the last minute lasagna order. I myself am particularly grateful for the coffee you sent along. I unfortunately cannot drink Starbucks and your coffee was amazing! On a related note, the professionalism and care you showed towards me with both the change to the Sunday breakfast as well as the last minute order when we were stranded in San Francisco were done with such kindness and care. As someone who works with people all day long as well as having worked in stores and even food service businesses in the past, I recognize and understand the importance of customer service with a smile! Your patience and positive handling of all these situations is commendable. I will share with you that I had a similar experience with another company in the Bay Area where I changed an order and tried to order something last minute and I was not met with a positive experience. On behalf of Yeshiva University and its Center for the Jewish Future, we wish you continued success and growth in your business at Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels! Have a wonderful week and hope we can visit soon! (I really miss the mocha coffee!)
• On a crisp autumn morning in 1996, Izzy awoke at the crack of dawn to begin fulfilling his dream of recreating a family recipe and bringing to Palo Alto, California the authentic bagels he had loved in Brooklyn, where he had spent his most impression...
• Many attempts have been made to describe the bagel. “An unsweetened doughnut with rigor mortis” was one given in an article in The New York Times in 1960.

According to one dictionary, it’s ...
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